Wary Meyers Candles

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Candles are made from a blend of premium food grade paraffin (the exact same as what you find on chocolate and cheese), and soy wax

The wick is all cotton

Oils are the highest quality pthalates-free fragrances infused with essential oils

Boxes are made from 100% recycled paper

Glasses are made with recycled glass

40 hour burn time

Brasilia: The rich, musky scent of strong Brazilian Rosewood. Deep and softly floral with notes of cassis and mellow sandalwood, finishing with a sweet amber musk

Mainely Manly: The rough-hewn balm of cut cedar and woodsmoke, drifting low and winding its way through the deep Maine hinterlands. Undertones of native balsam, burning pine, and primitive musk, with a soft, close whisper of patchouli

Mediterranean Fig: Scents of green fig trees and foliage fragrant in the summer air. Mellowed with scents of herbal cassis, pink grapefruit, succulent vegetation, and a carefree touch of wild celery

Lovely Honey: Smooth and velvety scent of sweet, golden, dripping honey fresh from the beehive blended w/ the exotic amber woodiness of the Central American Cocobolo tree

Voulez-vous: Sensuous French rose flirts w/ exotic oriental spices.  Scents of Darjeeling, amber, and wild poppies fill the air

Coco Nuit: Deep lush Caribbean scent composed of beachy coconut, dark suntan oil, and fresh green weed

Hippie Hollow: A very pleasant scent of woods, grasses, and fresh air w/ notes of lemon and herbs...like a sunset walk through the canyon

Violet Pepper: A wonderful balance of meadow-fresh violets with slight sharp (but mellow) notes of peppercorns...pretty and edgy